Great Spirit, Great Music.  (Melita)
Excellent Fun! This band is superb. I have enjoyed all the songs played. (Wendy)
You sound like the originals.   ( Wayne )
You guys are doing an excellent job, keep up the good work.   ( John )
You guys are AWESOME!   (Alan)
Great dance music.  (Sheila)
Good mix of songs, very good band - Don
Awesome...Very enjoyable.  (Sharon)
Really Good !    ( Melissa )
What a great party.  (Eileen)
Really Great !  Totally a good time.   ( Gail )
Fantastic , Terrific  (Evelyn)
Good Band.   ( Melanie )
I love you guys.   ( Julian )
Sounds great, looks great.   ( Teresa )
I had fun tonight, you guys actually played great tunes, go guys go !!!   ( Sandra )
Good work guys!   ( Ben )
G-R-E-A-T !!!   ( Jim )
Love your music  /  you're Great!   ( Becky )
Good job - had a good time!   ( Anonymous )
Seriously now - the band was really good.  We liked them.   ( Doug )
Good job   ( Annette )
Keep up the good work - Gisele
Good dance-hall music,  good energy !!!  ( Blodwyn )
Great music as ever !!   ( Kim )
More nude photos of lead singer  ( Marina )
Very good band.   ( Deane )
Tyme Machine Rocks!  (Preston)
Thanks for playing "Brown Eyed Girl"  Much appreciated.  (Cynthia)
Yer cool people!   Jiggy name too!  (Mike)
Great Entertainment !  (Craig)
It Rocked!  (Jim)
You're awesome (George)
Great band Awesome (Larry)
Awesome! Greeaattt. (Andi)
...saw you in Tsawwassen. you have a great style. (Colette)
I Love Tyme Machine!  (Jeff)
Great Tunes.   Keep On Playin'  (Tom)
Grreeet Time  We'll be back to see and enjoy.  Rock On  (Debbie)
Thanks again we really had fun and thought everyone played really well.  (Ralph)
You Guyz Rule! Yeah!  (Bart) usual ...  were great!...I had a blast!  (Sue)
You Rock.  Brings back my youth.  (Trev)
Very enjoyable.  Lots of fun & good music.  (Ann)
Great Sound.  Good Moves.  Awesome.  (Judy)
First song we danced.  (Ray & Mary)
You guys are great... (Ron & Muriel)
Great Time.  (Jim)
A very entertaining Sat. night... (Marilyn)
You're the Greatest!! (Donna)
Good Show...  (Chris)
Great band!!!  (Laurie)
Groovy Tunes  (Ron)
Great Music  (Dianne)
Good variety of music  (Kim)
Excellent Music  (Laurie)
Really enjoyed the show at the French forever...(Warren&Deb)
You Guys Are Great.  (Flossie)
Great Group  (Bruce)
Good Times!!  (Michael)
... thank you for a wonderful evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  (Joanne) 
Excellent band.  Best band you've ever had.- Deldine
Great music - I enjoyed it. - Joe
Good rockin' band - Neil
Great band - Mel
I liked the 50's & 60's music mixed in - Carol
You are great - Liane
Good choice of songs, great guitar picking, good singers - Judy
Great Job!  (Brent)
Awesome Band (Carolyn)
You Rock! (Randy)
You Guys Rock!!  (Brian)

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