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Whatever the occasion…corporate or private, large or small, Tyme Machine is just the versatile band you need.  Tyme Machine has every level of production to suit your needs, whether it be large halls for hundreds of people or a party on your patio. For larger halls we have a full size PA, lights & soundman available. Smaller sound & light systems are used for small or private venues. Usually Tyme Machine performs as a 4-piece band, but if the situation requires it, the band can be expanded to 5-piece or more. (for example sax, horns, etc.) 

For older crowds, Tyme Machine plays late fifties & early sixties or seventies music. For the younger crowd, they'll play eighties, nineties & newer music. For mixed crowds they'll play something for everyone. If requested, the band will put on a special tribute night and play 4 sets with each set dedicated to a different decade. If you like a particular artist or group... they'll play 3 or 4 song medleys

Audience participation is encouraged.  The picture to the right shows 3  fans joining in on backing vocals at Petro Canada's Christmas party. From formal corporate office parties to costume parties, or casual celebrations Tyme Machine does it all.

Tyme Machine appreciates their fans and every month gives away prizes to lucky winners  who have placed entry forms in the "Prize Box" available at every gig.  Prizes range from free dinners, movie tickets, tickets to Tyme Machine shows, CD's, T-shirts, etc...  A few prizes are given away at the venues to thank the fans for their enthusiastic support.  If the stage is large enough the band also has another added attraction... the "Tyme Machine Wheel". The Tyme Machine Wheel is sort of like the "Wheel of Fortune". An audience volunteer comes up and spins the wheel.   The wheel is divided up into various categories such as artists or decades and years.   For instance, if the pointer lands on the Beatles, then the band will play a Beatles song.  If the pointer lands on the 80's, they'll play a song from the 80's,etc. One section of the wheel let's you win a prize.

If you're a club, pub, or restaurant manager Tyme Machine makes your job easier. Tyme Machine has a long e-mail list of fans that gets a "gig alert" when the band is playing in the area. A week or two before the show Tyme Machine will let their fans know that they'll soon be playing at a particular venue. Fans are given directions, performance times and brief descriptions about each venue. (in other words you get free advertising and new people to check out your establishment.) Tyme Machine announces their upcoming shows on their website and will sometimes post pictures. (But not for private or "members only" shows.)

Most importantly Tyme Machine are well experienced talented professional musician/singers who are sure to make your event a memorable success. To guarantee particular dates it's recommended to book well in advance. For the best in Classic Rock 'n Roll call The Tyme Machine. See you on the dance floor!

A free demo CD is available upon request.

Bookings and / or more information, click to e-mail:  Tyme Machine




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